Seafood Challenge for College Hires

I made a bet with my boss today that our Vietnam recruiting team will beat college graduate hiring targets before the end of the year. This all started with a corporate goal where the company aims to recruit and hire grads in the Q4 period, during the optimum campus recruiting timeframe. In the past, we’ve dragged recruiting out until the last minute.

We are winding down to the last few weeks of the year and the Asia region has about 46% more grads to hire. Without getting into specific the hiring plan detail, we have a bit more to go. Our boss is cautiously optimistic yet reserved if the we can hit our hiring goals.

To make a long story short, I challenged his “lack of confidence” in the Vietnam team to pull it off, meet our hiring goals. In email exchange, one message led to another, and we placed a bet for a Seafood dinner if we make targets. This will be easy.

I extended the challenge to the team for a seafood dinner if we hit our goals by next week. It was great. Everyone got into the excitement and we all came up with the slogan “Singapore Seafood Challenge for RCGs.”

Seafood Challenge for RCGs

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