Gutsy Enough to Pay Applicants to Interview?

The Asia economy continues to be strong.  In a world where companies continue to hire and there are more job applicants then you have time to screen, why in the world would a company want to pay applicants to interview?  image

Well, that’s exactly these two web sites, Notchup and Vietladders are  promoting…  sign up companies who are willing to pay a fee, directly to the applicant, to interview with the company.

Top tier companies have signed-on to pay applicants.  In the US, Notchup have signed up companies such as including Google, Yahoo, and Baraccuda as clients.  Vietladders, in Vietnam, has British American Tobacco, HSBC, Coca Cola and Unilever.  Not to shabby of a list.

So, why would this make sense?  Firstly, the cost is still much cheaper then paying recruiter and agency fees.  Second, the web site vet the applicants before hand and because of the fees (or as an incentive) the applicant is less likely to be shopping around.  Lastly, candidates’ profiles display their statistics and feedback from previous interviews.  Therefore, the companies received feedback directly from other companies on the candidate quality.  Now, where else can corporate recruiters receive such invaluable info about a prospective applicant.

There is also some level of skepticism about the fees and in appropriately paying someone.  The web site act as the middleman and pay the fee after the interview has occurred.  The company may also rate the applicants in a way that it is also visible to other companies.

Time will tell if this new service will work out in the long run.  But it is certainly innovative and breaks the mold from conventional recruitment methods.   Thanks for the interview and the little extra bonus.

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