Do you have a great job?

The job market in Asia is beginning to pick up.  Headhunters are starting to reach out in the market.  For each candidate placed an empty seat is created.

Candidate are eager to participate in the job search either dissatisfied with the existing work, looking for career growth or increase in salary. 

While jobs vacancies exist.  Finding a good job is not as easy as it seems.  Finding a good job in a good company gets even more difficult.  Finding a good job in a good company with a good manager is next to impossible.

But is it always greener on the other side?  The headhunter’s pitch a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity before you is far from the reality grind of the day-to-day.  Here is a list of items to consider before making the switch.

Good Job

  • Alignment to personal passion and purpose
  • Sufficient scope and responsibility; you are learning
  • Takes advantage of your career strengths

Good Company

  • Company mission and products/service are aligned personal values and interests
  • Tops in the industry category; well respected by partners, suppliers and customers
  • Commitment to employees with resources to support individual growth and career development

Good Manager

  • Not just good colleagues, but a good manager who takes an interest in what you are doing while being a coach
  • Gives autonomy and tools to perform your job and with recognition/reward; allows you to make calculated mistakes
  • Defines a career path providing opportunities to excel and visibility without feeling threatened by your work

The above elements of a good job in a good company with a good boss makes for the ideal job.  While it is rare to have all the right combinations in place, your job search should begin with identifying the right balance.  Interview the company as much as the company is interviewing you.  Finding the right combination can lead to a long, successful and rewarding career.

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