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I just came back from a series of interviews in China.  One thing struck me was the various reasons applicants gave in explaining why the are seeking other opportunities.  In orders, reasons for why they want to leave their current employer.

Common responses include: 1) I want a develop my future career; 2) there are some changes in my group; 3) the company business direction/results is not doing well.  Moreover, the other commonality among the candidates is a job tenure between 2-3 years.  So, what is driving people to leave so many companies?  And  yet, other companies have better results in retaining people within the same industry or market.

What Employees Wantimage

Personal Success – Employees are looking for advancement and fast-tracking their career.  This is especially true for people in emerging markets.  They are willing to working hard and make personal sacrifices to reach their goal.

Join Top Companies – In order to reach the top applicants are seeking reputable companies.  This may be defined by market position, financial standing or other rankings.  Typically, the assumption is that "best companies" invest more in their employees with offer structured development plans and fair performance evaluation.

Mentors and Coaches – Applicants in emerging markets such as China and Vietnam know that they have much to learn before reaching the top job.  They are not unrealistic in how they reach their goal.  They want senior managers whom they can learn.

What Employers Want

Business Success – Companies want to succeed with strong return on investments.  Long-term success and global expansion depend very much the ability to execute to their emerging market strategies.

Seeking Top Talent – Finding qualified talent is ever so elusive for most companies.   Business managers and HR struggle to seek out the best qualified applicants whom they can rely on to help the company accomplish business objectives.

Training and Development – In order to close the skill and leadership gap, companies invests in developing their organization.  Training becomes a corner stone of the talent development strategy.

A Winning Platform

What employees want in a company and the qualities sought out by employers are complementary, not mutually exclusive.  A small cohort of companies can claim that they have found a solution for aligning the employee and employer platform combination. 

I suggest that it is very easy for one to figure out if there is a mutual winning platform between employee and employer.   You will see the results soon with either one of two scenarios:  1) employees self-select out by seeking employment elsewhere or 2) employees who stay to build long lasting careers.  Only those companies who truly offer a winning platform for employees with a strong and committed employer platform will emerge as the best in attracting and retaining employees. 

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