The Recruiting Agenda: How Exceptional Recruiting Organizations Respond in Changing Times (Part 1 of 4)

In a tight economic cycle, organizations are faced with budget cuts but yet, are being asked to do more with less.  Some organizations respond by cutting back on programs and focus on the bare basics.  In staffing organizations, this may been focus on the transactional aspect of filling requisitions.  Longer-range programs or projects are moth-balled until a later date, when things pick up again.

In fact, the truly leading staffing function take this time to reinvent self and come out stronger on the up-tick.

Changing World

A Changing World

5 Items Top the List

1) Workforce Mobility – Jobs simply aren’t located in the same places we are accustomed.  Companies are shifting their center of excellence to where skill sets are located and operating in multiple geographies.  People are following that job trail.

2) Generational Demographics – The baby boomer generation are entering retirement and the Gen Y are starting to enter the workforce.  This present challenges to organizations balancing the needs between the two generations.

3) Global Economies – There is no doubt that economies are inter-locked more then ever before.  What happens in the US will have a ripple effect on the rest of the world.  Likewise, countries like China will have an influence in the balance of global trade.

4) Technology Trends – The proliferation and use of technology will have an impact on how we do work.  We’ve seen how these changes have impacted the role of the recruiter.  Recruiters used to shift through hard-copy resumes but, now must find ways to network using social media.

5) Social Responsibility – Being a global citizen and responding to social needs is interwoven into the corporate fabric. The automotive and oil & gas are probably the more obvious industries  where fundamental shifts to more sustainable production approaches.  Other companies are focused on providing education or medical solutions in their neighboring communities around the world.

We  are living in a changing global business environment.  Staffing organizations must be able to address these five critical issues in order to achieve the recruiting agenda.  It is not about requisition fulfillment that makes an exceptional staffing organization.  The staffing organization that stands out is the team that has a tangible recruiting strategy to deliver to the organization’s people capability needs in an ever-changing environment.

In Part II of the series, I will identify key trends and how the exceptional staffing organization (or recruiter) responds to the future trends.

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