Finding a Job in a Recession – 3 Steps You Can Take Now

The news is full of reports of companies downsizing and layoff as of late.  As companies are cutting back often the recruiting function is one of the first to be let go.  It is critical that we, as recruiters, be vigilant and stay resilient.

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Step 1 – Refresh the Resume (Online and Offline Copy)

It is time to give your resume a refresh.  Remember this is the piece of paper that will make or break your opportunity of getting an interview.  Therefore you will have only a few seconds of getting the attention of the resume reviewer.

You probably gained new experience or skills since the last time you touched your resume.  Focus on the essential skills and key accomplishments.  Refrain from just listing tasks performed.

In the age of the Internet, you’ll need to ensure that your resume is at the top of search results.  Ensure that your resume has the right keywords embedded throughout your resume.

Even though we are living in the age of electronic resumes.  Build an online and an off-line version.  The online copy is for a database form applicants are required to fill out on corporate career web sites.  But those online forms are awful for the resume reviewer to read.  Having a formatted attachment will make it easier on the eyes of the hiring manager or recruiter reading your resume.

Step 2 – Build Your Online Network

Submitting your resume through corporate web sites is not the only way of getting noticed.  There are numerous social/professional online network abound, such as LinkedIn, and should be a part of your job search channel.

You start initially by building your online profile.  This is essentially your resume (e.g., work and education history, skills and competencies).  You’ve missed the intent and benefits of social networks if you stop just at completing your online profile.  Invite colleagues, associates, classmates,  and business partners to link to your profile.  This can extend your visibility of your profile to thousands of people.

Step 3 – Demonstrate Your Skills

Extending the concept of a resume further is the ability to demonstrate your skills and value to the potential employer.  All of probably have presentations we have created and is stored away taking up hard disk space.  Why not put those presentations to work for you.

SlideShare is a site designed to share presentations.  You can post slides of past work which can provide a tangible work sample.  Blogs are another method to share thoughts and ideas to a distributed audience.

In an online world, the job seeker has a greater opportunity to demonstrate core competencies and value to the prospective employer.  Using online network effectively can enhance your chances of landing the next gig.

Think of it this way, the US President-Elect, Barak Obama, got his job through effective use of online social-media.  Your next job is probably less high-profile or demanding.  If used strategically, these on-line social media tools can enhance your opportunity of finding and landing your next role too.

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