The Recruiting Agenda: How Exceptional Recruiting Organizations Respond in Changing Times (Part 3 of 4)

(See Part 1, Part 2)


Recruiters play a key role in how organizations respond to the recruiting agenda.  After all, they are on the front lines, along with the hiring managers, facing the difficulties and challenges of filling organization vacancies.  It is incumbent upon to recruiter to demonstrate a level of competency and effectiveness in tackling the organization’s greatest challenge, hiring the right person, not only for today’s needs but who can meet tomorrow’s demands.

3I Approach

Initiative – Recruiting can be fairly tactical.  Getting a requisition approved.  Writing up job descriptions and getting it posted on job boards.  Going through the resume database.  Setting up interviews.  These are some of the daily routines.

Reading organization cue, recruiters can hold strategic organization planning discussions.  It may not always be about external recruiting.  Topics can focus on:

Internal movement – can an internal employee better fill the role?

Organization planning – is your organization top or bottom heavy?

College pipeline – can an intern/college recruiting program help relieve critical-skill pressures?

Influence – Being proactive is having the ability to read the macro environment and apply appropriate solutions to your organization.  We can be more effective using data to tell the organization story.  This will help remove some of the log-jams with line managers.

Being more skilled in using data can give better leverage in influencing for the desired outcome.

Organization data – show information on grade level, competency, performance reviews.

Workforce data – show forecast on future hiring demands; map this to labor supply.

Recruiting data – what gets measured gets done- keep a few critical measures to ensure you are on the right track with strategies and tactics.

Involvement – Winning the line manager and organization trust is important in becoming a valued HR business partner.   We need to understand the day-to-day concerns of our line managers and their organization needs.  The solutions we offer and provide should meet the intended outcome as required by the business group.  We need to do this work in partnership with business and HR stakeholders, and not in isolation.

Human Resource partnership – develop close working relationship with the HR business partners, compensation and training teams.  Recruiting can be a partner and offer a total solution.

Business Group engagement – what are additional contributions we can make to the business.  We can offer market intelligence insight learned through interviews.

Putting the 3I’s to practice can improve our relationship with business units and drive more effective business outcome.  Focusing on these three areas will improve our competency in achieving desired outcome.

In the final installment, I will focus on methods development and executing programs and projects.  Ultimately, programs and projects is how we deliver our work.

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