Beyond Gen Y: What the next generation thinks about work

Survey Findings Reveal Career Preferences & Expectations of Singapore’s Workforce of Tomorrow: ‘What Our Children Think!’

Adecco Singapore issued a press release of a survey they conducted recently. They asked 60 children in Singapore about their career and salary expectations.

Top Choices for Jobs: Doctor, Lawyer and Teacher. Other choices include Violin Teacher, Forensic Scientist and Game Designer.

If they were the Prime Minister: Ensure that everyone has food; Ban ‘holiday homework’ on holidays; Ensure punishments for animal abusers; Save our natural habitats

On the topic of Family vs. Money the children surveryed had this to say: “money can’t buy time with my family,” “I love my family more then money,” Family can last you a lifetime.”

Although this was not a scientific survey it does give a glimpse into what are important to children and how they perceive the world of work. They will be entering the workforce in the near future. How does their response inform HR and how we anticipate the importance and priorities for the next generation workforce…

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