Why I Blog…

It has been two years since I started this blog in December 2007.  I’ve been thinking about the reasons I started to blog.  I’m not a natural writer.  It actually takes me a lot of time to pull my thoughts together.  There are times when I struggle to be creative in finding relevant topics.  But, I think this effort helps me think through the topic in a methodical manner.  All in all, it’s been a worthwhile personal endeavor.  So here, two years later, I wanted to reflect on the reasons for blogging.

#1) I love the field of human resource

  • I have gotten so much personal satisfaction from working in the HR field.  Each day continues to be exciting and challenging.  Blogging allows me an avenue to have discourse with a broader HR community.  I read other HR bloggers and hopefully, other people will read mine and find it useful.

#2) An opportunity to share

  • Social media have opened up an all new way to share my experience.  Blogging gives me a channel to share my thoughts, ideas and experience with the HR profession.  Sharing allows the community to exchange ideas and enter into dialogue with people all over.

#3) Still have a lot to learn

  • There is still so much to learn.  I get a lot of new ideas from reading other HR blogs.  It helps me to gain greater insight into what’s going on in the HR community.  Through reading other blogs, it helps me generate new ideas or approaches to a problem I tackling.  Yet, some blogs are just plain fun and entertaining and helps you gain some perspective over a tough issue.

#4) A reflection

  • Blogging is much like writing a diary.  Every once in a while I will go through my past blogs and reflect on how my ideas and thoughts have changed over time.  I ask myself if there is a new approach to an age old problem.  This helps me evaluate my approach and what I can do to improve over time.

#5) Making Connections

  • Social media has offered a channel of connecting with other HR professional in a ways that never existing before.  It used to take a lot of effort to connect with other HR professionals.  I create an HR social network, Asia HR Network, on Ning to share job vacancies and referrals amongst HR professionals. Blogging, Twittering etc allows me to connect with more people involved in the HR field.

And finally, it’s fun!

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