Onboarding: Hit the ground running

I was recently quoted in an HRM Singapore article on employee onboarding.  The “runway” (time needed”) for getting a new employee integrated into the job is getting shorter.

A well designed and implemented program can help new hires build an internal network of colleagues to get the job done. The new employee is (then) aligned to the corporate direction and business objective.

A resignation can effectively double the original recruitment costs.  The interim period is also a lost of productivity and additional training time for the replacement hire.

It is never too early to get a new employee acquainted with these aspects of the organization.  By the time the new employee starts on day one, they will know the company vision and product roadmap.

Onboarding programs will be more effective if line managers take responsibility.

**Here is a short clip of a video interview on the same topic:  Video Interview

**An accompanying presentation at the HRM Singapore Workshop Series – Effective Onboarding. Jan 19, 2011. Topic: Reducing the Fog: Approaches to Effective Employee Onboarding.  The presentation is posted on SlideShare.

**A prior blog posted is listed here:  Reduce the Fog:  Effective Employee Onboarding

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