How Not To Be An Idiot Recruiter

Thumbs up and down I was reading the Evil HR Lady blog and came across her blog  post, “Why is the Recruiter an Idiot?” The question asked is why recruiters who don’t have the technical knowledge of the job are put in a frontline position to make candidate selection decisions.  Is it just another loop for job candidates to go through?

I suggest that the recruiter play a critical part in the hiring process.  Let me outline this from a couple of perspectives:

1) Advisor/Consultant to the Hiring Manager

  • Yes, the hiring manager is the domain expert for the role being hired.  However, very few managers actually know the exact detail of skills and competencies needed for the job.
  • An top recruiter helps the hiring manager delineate the skills requirement for the job.  Preparing a job description is too narrow but, truly walking the manager though skills gap in his/her organization.
  • A effective recruiter helps the manager connect-the-dots between his internal organization competencies with external candidate qualifications.  If one really thinks about this, the recruiter is the frontline to organization development.

2) Facilitator of the Internal Processes

  • We all wish the hiring processes can be streamlined without extended delay in getting to an offer. But reality is that many organizations have ingrained processes, “this is how we do things.” Recruiter partners the hiring manager in working through the internal processes to a hiring decision.
  • Often, the recruiter proactively works with internal stakeholders and upper management on offer exceptions.  Not all offers are created equal.  The recruiter must understand the external market competitiveness and internal consistencies.  They make complex offer calculation scenarios to help internal HR partners make appropriate offer decisions.

3) Advocate for the Candidate

  • Not all recruiters are content expert at the role they are responsible for helping to hire.  But, recruiters are expected to know the “domain framework” and can help hiring managers “screen-in” the best-fit candidate.
  • While it is another loop to get through, if the candidate partners the recruiter, that recruiter can be a powerful advocate for the candidate.  The recruiter can help the candidate maneuver through the often drawn-out interview process, be a coach to anticipated tough interviews.  The recruiter can be the tie-breaker in a close call.

Leverage your recruiter to your advantage.  View them as your advisor, facilitator and advocate in the hiring processes.  As an ally, recruiters can be a powerful resource in connecting between the internal workforce organization and external candidate market and vice versa.

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