Survey Saids – Women are more dissatisfied (with their workplace)

Updated Oct 7:  Slides from Mercer’s 2011 employee survey (see Slide 12 and 14 for discussion on engagement of women in the workplace)


I attended a Mercer presentation today on their latest findings on APAC (Asia Pacific) health and benefits survey update.  I was thinking to myself prior to the meeting if there was anything new to be shared…

In a typical presentation, the consultants showed a lot of data and charts.  And the survey findings weren’t too surprising.

Cost Factors and Engagement
Companies are looking to reduce over benefits costs as a percentage of payroll expenditures .  Yet, employers know that health and welfare are critical elements to talent attraction & retention and employee productivity.  While survey results show 42% of respondents would consider leaving their current employer yet, 60% are satisfied with their jobs and the same rate felt a sense of accomplishment.  Although 56% of Gen Y would consider leaving for another company.

The Women Factor
In one category that was startling,  the women population was the least satisfied about their job.  And yet, they showed a higher rate to staying with the current employer.  They didn’t discuss too much of the underlying factors though.

What do you think?  

  • Is gender equity an issue? Glass ceiling?
  • Could the situation be bad, but not “bad” enough to warrant leaving?
  • Might there be greener pastures?  Or are other workplaces not better off?
  • The job search and interview process is not worth the trouble…
  • What can companies do to change the status quo?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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