6 Qualities of a Senior Executive

20111108-162227.jpgI am working with my recruiting team this week on “Building Winning Teams” – our purpose for existence. A critical topic is on recruiting leadership candidates.

Finding management and leadership talent in China has been elusive for many companies. Not only are global multinational businesses competing for “leadership” talent but so are local China enterprises, who are fast becoming global players. Competition is heating up for a small pool of candidates.

We discussed the key qualities in evaluating an executive candidate’s potential.

6 qualities of a senior executive:
1) Tactical (do the work of today)
2) Strategic (drive the business of tomorrow)
3) Leadership/Management (get teams organized to do the work)­­­­
4) Influential (partner with HQ and customers)
5) Creative (solve complex problems)
6) Passionate (it’s not just a job)

By the way, these qualities not only apply to senior candidates but also with all levels of the organization. It not only takes leadership but also the entire team to move an organization forward.

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