Innovation in Talent Attraction – Hot on LinkedIn

I gave a presentation on use of social media for recruitment.  The workshop was organized by HRIQ  4th Annual Talent Management Asia Summit.  My slide deck is posted on

Slideshare and it made it to “Hot on Linkedin.” Kinda cool!


The slides are posted here.

  • Don’t be a zombie!  Get active on social media in 3 easy steps.
  • For those in HR, it’s futile to be the HR Police.  With mobile and wireless, savvy users simply login throughout their smart phones and tablets to bypass the firewall.
  • HR is also thought of as the change agent.  Thus, if old policies are no longer valid in today’s work environment, then take a proactive approach to create new policies and practices in today’s online social network environment.  

Thanks for the views.  Hope you find it useful.


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