Year in Review 2011 – Asia HR Blog

Towards this year-end I wanted to take stock and reflect back on the things associated with this blog.  It’s been a great year with a lot of new activities and probably the more eventful since I started blogging about 4 years ago.

Blog – I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress in October.  The average page-views is about 800 per month.  I’m sure there are a lot of other bloggers who have more views and followers.  But, I am happy with the results given the limited time I spend on my blog.

More popular posts include:

Workshop Presentations – I was invited to speak at 7 HR workshops this year.  I spoke on a range of topics from new-hire onboarding, integrated talent management and social media in recruiting.  For the first time, I was invited to speak in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  And, I spoke for the second time in Beijing, China at the annual American Chamber of Commerce China HR conference.

SlideShare – I post all of my workshop presentations on Slideshare.  Several of my presentations made it to “Hot on LinkedIn” section.  I am not sure how certain presentations were “hot” but, I am happy to have been chosen.   Just 2 weeks ago, the SlideShare editorial team selected “Secrets to Entry-Level Employee Development” as a featured presentation on their home page.  Way Cool!

More popular presentations include:

Twitter – I started tweeting earlier in the year.  Although not prolific, I retweet on topics primarily focused on current Asia human resource issues.

ASTD Conference – One of the benefits of blogging was being able to network with the ASTD Conference organizers and was able to attend the conference “free.”  I blogged and tweeted the conference proceedings.

What I Have Learned This Year

Professional Development – Writing this blog and presenting at HR workshops requires me to critically think and analyze the respective HR topics.  I had to do research for background information and develop content that will be interested and engaging to my audience.

Networking – HR professionals typically spend most of their time inside the office managing the day-to-day activities required of them.  I have been able to engaged with a wider professional network:

  • Online – A worldwide audience are able to read this blog.  Many of them have contacted me offline for professional follow up.
  • Offline – These are the HR workshops.  Getting out of the office to meet people is important to build on-going professional relationships.  This allows me to better understand the HR challenges faced by HR professionals and learn how they overcome certain issues.

Staying Current – As much as I am sharing my ideas it is also a learning process for myself.  I stay current on relevant topics to the HR community.

  • Workshops – In addition to my own presentations, I also get to attend the entire conference day and learn from other presenters and how thew view a certain topic.

Someone asked me how much time I spend on writing this blog and other use of social media.  Although still not perfect, this is almost coming fairly natural.  Depending on the complexity of the topic, it is similar to writing a work-related project report or weekly progress report.  I do spend a bit of time outlining the topic for blogs and several weeks researching and preparing for workshop presentations.  The return on investment far exceeds the personal time I spend.

Looking for a great 2012.

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