Recruiting Trends – 2012

The Year of the Dragon came early this year on the lunar calendar.  The dragon is the mightiest of the animals on the zodiac and is particular auspicious.  Let’s take a scan of what 2012 has in store for Human Resources Recruiting, especially in Asia Pacific.


Social Media

Leveraging social media will continue to make in-roads for recruiters in Asia Pacific.  Relatively, use of social media is much behind those in western countries.  As I survey HR professionals throughout 2011, I find that not many recruiters make use of the platform.

Some of the barriers include not knowing how to use social media.  While others claim they have other priorities and not enough time to network.  Many HR managers also cite internal corporate/IT/HR policies as limitations on online access.

HR professionals and recruiting teams much look for solutions to tap into “untapped” talent.  Driving unbridled talent into your organisation must be a priority on any HR agenda.



Keeping top talent thriving in your organization is paramount for any HR team.  Despite the recent economic downturn, top talent recruiting has not subsided.  As the western economies gain traction on jobs your company’s top talent will be tempted with more opportunities and greater financial incentive.

In Asia, tenure continues on a downward trend and is here to stay.  I suspect every company have experienced first-year turn-over is a common experience.

HR leaders need to reconsider their perspective and approach to employee retention.  Loosing top talent, especially unfavorable turnover, is detrimental to an organization.



My senior leaders constantly tell me to recruit the best talent available.  I have written on this topic recently, Six Qualities of a Senior Executive.

Business climate is constantly changing and evolving.  Top organizations require a certain caliber of leadership who can thrive with change, communicate with all levels of stakeholders, lead/manage with integrity and inspire the organization to do better than it ever has.


Internal Staffing Capabilities

I have a particular difficult time recruiting in-house recruiters for my team.  It is not that I can not find interested applicants.  On the contrary, there are a plethora of applicants.

The gap is identifying recruiters who understands the business.  Thus, the requirement is beyond having the experience in filling requisitions.  Understanding the business strategy and how our recruiting efforts is intricately tied to organization success.

Read my previously blog post, “HR’s Role: Building Winning Teams,” and the need for recruiters to play a more consultative and trusted advisor to organization leaders.



The above four items will be my personal focus area for 2012.  I’m sure the business drivers will require me to modify my focus.  However, these are the starting points for me to work with my team on being prepared for the year ahead.

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