What does it take to locate and recruit the best? in HR Matters Magazine

What does it take to locate and recruit the best?

I was interviewed in HR Matters Magazine for their January 2103 issue along with Tim Norman of DreamWorks Technology and Christa Foley from Zappos.com.  The three of us share in common of working for Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For 2012 (DreamWorks #14, Zappos.com #11, Qualcomm #23).


In the article, I discuss the following points:
  • Bring your talent base closer to the customer

since some of the top mobile manufacturers are also located here, it makes sense to bring engineering talent closer to our customer base. This in turn is driving the increase in hiring wireless engineering talent in Asia.

  • Hiring beyond pure engineering talent

Customer Astuteness – we look not just for talent who possess strong core engineering skills but are astute with customer and market needs.


Technology Savvy – Most of those who work in areas such as marketing, finance or HR are not trained as engineers. However, we strive to select those who “tinker” with wireless gadgets and who are tech savvy.

Cross-cultural Leadership – In leadership roles, we look for individuals with a proven track record of building and leading strong engineering organizations.

  • Build strong relationship prospective candidates for the long-term

Talented individuals are always highly regarded and engaged in high profile projects.  They often are not looking for the next move but already have a clear designated career path. We make it a practice to involve our hiring managers and executives in building relationships with prospective candidates.


Download the excerpt article here.  Please visit the HR Matters website here.


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