Micro blogs now a choice in job hunt in China

When Zhou found her resume was reposted 128 times in just four days since March 22, she was surprised.  Is the wave of online social media recruiting catching on?

In support of this, Zhang Jie, a supervisor at Ctrip.com International Ltd, China’s largest onlinetravel agency, says, “In traditional hiring, corporations have to sit around waiting passively forapplications. But, with the micro blog, we can communicate with them directly and promote ourposition at the same time.”

In fact, more young people are now looking for jobs on micro blogs, by using someastonishingly creative, eye-catching resumes. And, in response, some companies have alsostarted opening micro blog accounts to look for employees.

The article concludes that there is still a long way to go and the odds are still higher the traditional ways of job search.

via Micro blogs now a choice in job hunt |Holiday Trend |chinadaily.com.cn.

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