LinkedIn Recruiter Workshop – China is 3 Years Behind US

LinkedIn Recruiter WorkshopLinkedIn held a recruiter training workshop earlier in the week in Beijing and Shanghai.  They started off with the easy stuff – doing a basic search.  Then they got into a bit more complex search parameters such as using Boolean search.  Alright, maybe this isn’t so tough but, using the right search string can yield better results.

Other capabilities is doing skills search to map out common job description by peer industry companies.  Following the approach of identifying peer companies it is quite easy to do market mapping and gather other market intelligence.

All this takes a bit of practice and some trial and error.

While I noticed that LinkedIn Recruiter platform use in the US is bread and butter for US recruiters.  However, China-based recruiters have not adapted to LinkedIn Recruiter as quickly.  Hence, the training this week.  LinkedIn need to get their recruiter base up to speed quickly or risk its recruiter base using other local platforms.

Dan Shapero, Vice President & Global Head of Talent Solutions, visiting China this week, said China is about 3 years behind the US recruiter utilisation and capability.  He also hosted a dinner for a few clients.  LinkedIn indicated that we can expect to see more LinkedIn executives visiting China in the near future.  China is a huge market for them and can’t be ignored in growing their membership base.  Let’s see what LinkedIn has up its sleeves.

LinkedIn Dinner



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