LindedIn Talent Connect 2013 – Summary of Day 1

IMG_0006If I had to summarize the key themes here at this year’s LinkedIn Talent Connect Conference, it would be the following:  professional networking is the trend, employer and talent brand are the differentiator, big data and talent analytics is critical and mobile recruiting is next.

Talent Market Strategist.  Recruiters need to make a mindset change from strategic sourcing to talent market strategist.  LinkedIn data analytics gives recruiters insight into the candidate connections and relationships that recruiters can tap into.  In the session on leveraging linkedin recruiter, jobs & talent pool data, presenters showed how they can tap map internal employees with their external network.  By simply uploading your internal employee name and email LinkedIn will match the internal information to their profile and help you identify their external relationship and thus, allowing you to further identify targeted talent pool.

Targeted Leads.  Most everyone is familar with the talent funnel, the new funnel will show strategic recruiters spending more time with generate and qualifying leads.  The old model is simply castin a wide net and sourcing candidates.  The targeted leads will lead to better candidate and higher rate of offer accepts.

Mobile.  Generateing mobile relevenat content is the next big step in gaining engagment with candiates. On mobile, less is more.  Currating content helps candidates gain


What 1 thing you can do? At minimum, leverage all that is avaialble from LinkedIn to become that talent advisor.  In the session on Partnering Hiring Managers, the speakers suggested that when going into the hiring brief, go in with some prepared data.  You will win instant credibiliyt and will be seen as an advisor; otherwise, if u go in with a blank paper, you are an order taker.


Wednesday will be the keynote speakers.  Stay tuned for more updates.

The Talent Connect 2013 App is located here with presentations files.

And a few pictures from today: 

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