LindedIn Talent Connect 2013 – Summary of Day 2

IMG_0028Today was the keynote for LinkedIn’s new product announcement.  LinkedIn pointed out that 33% of LinkedIn members access the professional social network via mobile channel and more than 30% of LinkedIn job views also from mobile.

LinkedIn Recruiter Moble:  There were several but, the headline is the LinkedIn Recruiter mobile app. Now, the desktop version of Recruiter is designed for the mobile phone. Whoa!

WeChat Integration:  Did you also know that LinkedIn is also available on WeChat?  This is LinkedIn’s slow but deliberate move into the China market.  The LinkedIn WeChat ID:  linkedin_china.  It’s quite easy to use although features are fairly basic and limited to simple search. (This as not part of today announcement.  I thought I include this for those interested in the China market.)

Next up was Chris Hoyt of PepsiCo (aka TheRecrutierGuy).  People think Pepsi has a big budget for recruitment advertising.  Wrong.  His group is just like any other.  His is not a sales team but a cost center.  He showed that many of their LinkedIn followers were curated through organic growth.  Paid ads only accounted for very small percentage of their followers.  He also suggested that rather than asking for HC for your new initiatives, ask for help.  You’ll be surprise by how many people are willing to help.  With no added HC, he takes his team for coffee and the time it takes to drink that coffee, his team will have updated their social media responses, content updates.

Creativity is the new corporate capital.  This is from the “motivational” / “inspirtional” speaker today, Erik Wahl.  He painted a portrait of U2’s Bono on stage. Recruiting Team – the best session I attendng in the afternoon was learning how Salesforce transformed their recruiting team structure to model after a sales organization.  Prior to the change they had the same recruiting model as anyone else and the recruiters were scrappy.  They delivered.  But, it was not the most efficient.

  • Careers Marking maps to Product Marketing
  • Recruiting Research maps to Competitive Intelligence
  • Inbound Candidate Sourcing maps to Inbounds Leads Generation

In addition, they leverage a lot of data and social media tools to help them mine candidate data.  Did you know salesforce uses “social media listening” tools to capture social feeds and then later, identify key target candidates for recruiting targets.  Smart.

Not everyone looks right on paperGlen Cathey demonstrated his stealth search techniques.  A LinkedIn profile is just that according to Glen.  Not everyone can write a perfect profile.  How do you search beyond the obvious and use “implied” search.  You need think about how the person is writing the profile.  If can understand this, then you will find that “needle in the haystack.”


Pictures from the 2nd Day:

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