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Vietnam wastes too much money to train gifted students

Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted
Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted

Resources spent in educating a country’s population is never a waste. In Vietnam, where the country is relatively poor, there will be on-going debate on how to allocate scarce resources. However, development of a country, whether in government or industry, requires the most talented to move the country forward.

The other argument in this news report is that students don’t stick to the disciplined they were assigned. Educators should encourage, not stifle, students’ need to explore and development their natural interests. Vietnam can only benefit where there is top talent in all sectors of society.

I have met and hired many students from gifted high schools. Anecdotally, there are differences the students outlook and abilities. This not to say that others not from gifted don’t do as well. As a group, students from gifted high school, have a certain level of qualitative difference.


High schools for the gifted in Vietnam:

    • Lê Hồng Phong High School for the Gifted
    • Hanoi – Amsterdam High School
    • Le Quy Don Specialized High School
  • Other Gifted High Schools


Vietnam wastes too much money to train gifted students – News VietNamNet.

Read this study: The research describes a gifted program and examines issues related to gifted students’ profiles and their attitudes towards an English specialized program in Vietnam. The school is Le Quy Don Specialized High School, established in 1985.

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Asia University Rankings 2013 Top 100

The new rankings are out and Asian universities are rising in the rankings.

According to the publisher, Asia has 57 institutions on the latest 400 World University Rankings and are based on 13 criteria meant to assess the quality of teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook of each ranked institution.

Below is the Top 10 Asia ranking against the word ranking.  Data from: (The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2012-2013)

School Country

Asia Ranking

World Ranking

University of Tokyo Japan



National University of Singapore Singapore



The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong



Peking University China



Pohang University of Science and Technology Korea



Tsinghua University China



Kyoto University Japan



Seoul National University Korea



Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong



Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Korea



Asia University Rankings 2013 Top 100 – Times Higher Education.

Micro blogs now a choice in job hunt in China

When Zhou found her resume was reposted 128 times in just four days since March 22, she was surprised.  Is the wave of online social media recruiting catching on?

In support of this, Zhang Jie, a supervisor at International Ltd, China’s largest onlinetravel agency, says, “In traditional hiring, corporations have to sit around waiting passively forapplications. But, with the micro blog, we can communicate with them directly and promote ourposition at the same time.”

In fact, more young people are now looking for jobs on micro blogs, by using someastonishingly creative, eye-catching resumes. And, in response, some companies have alsostarted opening micro blog accounts to look for employees.

The article concludes that there is still a long way to go and the odds are still higher the traditional ways of job search.

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Layoffs trigger panic among foreign multinational employees – China

Chinese employees of multinationals are finding their jobs no longer secure.  Consider the number of recent layoffs in the mobile industry (the sector where I work):

  • Nokia – announced layoffs since July 2012
  • Motorola – laying off after the Google acquisiton
  • ST-Ericsson – dissolving it’s joint venture and laying off employees worldwide, including China

No wonder employees are worried.  I have had a number of new grad turn down offers and decided to join local state-owned or China-based national companies, for more job stability.


via Layoffs trigger panic among multinational employees –

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