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Hiring Foreign Employees in China – China Law Blog

Hiring a foreigner in China usually requires all of the following be true:
The candidate is in good health and over the age of 18

The candidate possesses the skills and work experience required for the job

The candidate has no criminal record

The candidate has a specified employer

The candidate holds a valid passport or any other valid travel document in lieu of passport
Hiring Foreign Employees in China – China Law Blog

How China country heads are coping

As multinational companies face stronger headwinds in China, how are local leaders “China CEOs” dealing with the situation, and what would help them move faster?
However, on the whole, most don’t see the business environment in China getting any easier. Most also fear that the policy environment for multinationals in the country will get more challenging. Efforts to increase their agility by simplifying interactions with headquarters or by delayering and accelerating decision-making processes may therefore be a boon for many China CEOs and the organizations they oversee.

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The real reason a Chinese university has beaten MIT in the engineering rankings

Chinese schools are indeed climbing the engineering list. Tsinghua drew attention for besting MIT, and two other Chinese universities appeared in the top 10. But while these schools score big in the “how much” categories, they do poorly on the “how good” ones.