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Innovation in Talent Attraction – Hot on LinkedIn

I gave a presentation on use of social media for recruitment.  The workshop was organized by HRIQ  4th Annual Talent Management Asia Summit.  My slide deck is posted on

Slideshare and it made it to “Hot on Linkedin.” Kinda cool!


The slides are posted here.

  • Don’t be a zombie!  Get active on social media in 3 easy steps.
  • For those in HR, it’s futile to be the HR Police.  With mobile and wireless, savvy users simply login throughout their smart phones and tablets to bypass the firewall.
  • HR is also thought of as the change agent.  Thus, if old policies are no longer valid in today’s work environment, then take a proactive approach to create new policies and practices in today’s online social network environment.  

Thanks for the views.  Hope you find it useful.


An Interview with Robert Yeo, Executive Director and CEO of STADA

The upcoming joint human resources development conference with ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) and STADA (Singapore Training & Development Association) is just slightly over 2 months away.  I had an opportunity to exchange email dialogue with STADA’s Executive Director and CEO, Robert Yeo.

Here is what he had to say about the HRD Asia Pacific conference:

Q.  The upcoming ASTD STADA Asia Pacific Conference is a hallmark event for both organizations.  What led up to organizing this conference in Singapore? How did ASTD and STADA initially conceived of the idea?
A.  We started in 2009 when STADA’s 

President Lim Khia Tat and I went to Washington DC to meet ASTD’s management and shared the importance of bringing the West and the East to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience. We opened up to ASTD the idea of building a partnership with STADA and holding an inaugural conference in Singapore.


Q.  Do you anticipate that this will become an annual event?
A.  Yes, if the HR community embraces this Conference.

Q.  What does it take to organize such an international conference on a regional and global scale?  When did the initial planning take place?
A.  The initial planning process started as early as mid-2008.

Q.  How did you and the conference team determine what topics and speakers to select?
A.  The Program Subcommittee together with the Steering committee and ASTD discussed and decided on the relevant speakers to be invited in this inaugural Conference. It is meant to be a sharing of experience from practitioners who has been there and done it.

Q.  How many people are involved?
A.  We would like to embrace as many volunteers as we can within the professional community to be part of this Conference.

Q.  The STADA is a leadership organization in human resources development.  What are the 3 key HRD issues facing organizations in Singapore and in the Asia Pacific region?
A.  We have nine tracks in the ASAP Conference to cover a wide spectrum for workplace learning professionals. They are:

  1. Public and private sector training
  2. Innovation
  3. Productivity
  4. HCD Industry – Trends and Insights
  5. Multi-cultural, multi-generational training for employability
  6. Training for Small and Medium enterprises
  7. Blended Learning and learning technology
  8. Training techniques and processes for adult learning
  9. ix. Leadership development and talent management
  10. The tracks we planned are suitable for C-suite, senior management and practitioners.

Q.  What can HRD leaders and practitioners do to help organizations develop it human capital potential?
A.  HRD leaders and practitioners can help organizations develop their human capital potential by ensuring that they are current with their knowledge that is available in the field therefore ASAP Conference is one of the platform where they can come to hear and learn from the best practitioners in the field of HCD.

Q.  Why should HR and organizational leaders attend the 2011 ASTD STADA Asia Pacific Conference?
A.  HR and organizational leaders should attend the ASTD-STADA Asia Pacific Conference for the following reasons:

  • Thought-Leadership: experts from the West and the East to share their global insights and cutting-edge tools for human capital advancement in Asia Pacific
  • Conference Tracks: unique and compelling workshops on Innovation, Blended Learning & Technology and Multi-cultural Diversity
  • Exhibition: showcasing the latest local and regional new technologies and learning modules to help take learning and development in new directions
  • Network: meet and learn from the best minds in HCD to exchange key management solutions to evolving challenges. Also opens up business opportunities for the attendees and delegates.

The 5,000 Pageviews Milestone

5000 pageview

This blog has hit a milestone today.  As of this afternoon, the total page views surpassed 5,000.

Here are some stats:  for the last 2 years and 2 months, page views have been increasing to 934 views in June.


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Another 5000 views on Slideshare


The slide set on Human Resources Practices in  Vietnam recently exceeded 5000 views.  This presentation is based on my recruiting experience in Vietnam in 2008.  I am glad people are finding this information useful.

Thanks for viewing!


Hot on LinkedIn

Update – July 17.

Just noticed that today, my presentation, Social Media Recruiting – strategy for HR success,” is now Featured on the homepage of Slideshare. Very nice. 1,700+ views in 5 days.

Pretty cool!  The slide set I presented at yesterday’s Asia HRM Workshop Series, Strategic Recruitment, made it to the “Hot on LinkedIn” section of Slideshare.  This got mentioned right around 10am on July 13, 2011.

Social Media Recruiting – strategy for HR success” is being talked about on LinkedIn more than anything else on SlideShare right now. So we’ve put it on the homepage of (in the “Hot on LinkedIn” section).
I had a great audience with a great q&a discussion afterwards.  Thanks for viewing.

Onboarding: Hit the ground running

I was recently quoted in an HRM Singapore article on employee onboarding.  The “runway” (time needed”) for getting a new employee integrated into the job is getting shorter.

A well designed and implemented program can help new hires build an internal network of colleagues to get the job done. The new employee is (then) aligned to the corporate direction and business objective.

A resignation can effectively double the original recruitment costs.  The interim period is also a lost of productivity and additional training time for the replacement hire.

It is never too early to get a new employee acquainted with these aspects of the organization.  By the time the new employee starts on day one, they will know the company vision and product roadmap.

Onboarding programs will be more effective if line managers take responsibility.

**Here is a short clip of a video interview on the same topic:  Video Interview

**An accompanying presentation at the HRM Singapore Workshop Series – Effective Onboarding. Jan 19, 2011. Topic: Reducing the Fog: Approaches to Effective Employee Onboarding.  The presentation is posted on SlideShare.

**A prior blog posted is listed here:  Reduce the Fog:  Effective Employee Onboarding

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