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Chinas Generation Y Is Changing Office Culture – China Real Time Report – WSJ

Chinas Generation Y Is Changing Office Culture – China Real Time Report – WSJ.

The Gen Y, post-80’s generation, are becoming an even greater population of the workforce.  They have now been in the workforce and gaining experience.  They want greater advancement more than ever.  On the other hand, the post-90’s generation are now entering the work place.  It is becoming an even more greater challenge for managers and human resources to create a dynamic workplace that can cater to the needs of this generation.

26-year-old Hazel Wang decided to quit despite not having another job lined up.

“It was a huge decision for me,” said the former Shanghai resident. “But I felt the old job could not help me achieve my self-actualization goals.”


report issued earlier this year by human

-resources consultancy AonHewitt found that members of Gen Y, which the findings of this survey describe as people born in the 1980s, became the main age component in China’s talent market in 2012.

“If you want to have post-80s employees, you have to make the workplace more inclusive and more creative,” Ms. Lu said. “Gen Ys don’t just want to execute orders, they want to participate in decision making.”

As this younger generation becomes a bigger part of the workforce, many Chinese companies—including both state-owned and independent firms—are overhauling human-resource management to attract and keep this vital demographic.

What are you and your company doing to keep the Chinese Gen Y’s engaged?  Leave your comments below.



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