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Year-End Wrap-Up – My Most Popular Posts 2012

The year 2012 is coming to an end.  Below is a list of my most popular posts for this year.

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Blogposts in 2012

I’ve listed those with 100 or more visits during this year.

  • Recruiting Practices in Vietnam – 215 pageviews
    • While I wrote the piece on Vietnam 4 years ago it still garners a strong readership.  As some of the resources listed may be outdated I probably should refresh this post with the most current practices.
  • Managing Workplace Diversity – 199 pageviews
    • The topic of diversity may not have the same emphasis as it does in the US.  Probably except for Singapore, the rest of Asia has a fairly homogeneous society.  However, topics of generational differences is becoming critical in managing employees.
  • Where are the Social Media Recruitment Asia surveys? – 197 pageviews
    • Use of social media for human resources recruitment continues to be a hot topic in Asia.  Social recruiting has taken center stage in the US but it is only beginning to take hold in Asia.  I suppose there are still many recruitment leaders trying to figure out how to make social tools a more widely used platform in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Recruiting Trends in Asia for 2011 – 135 pageviews
    • I wonder if those trend predictions came true?
  • Employee Engagement – A Perspective from China – 130 pageviews
    • China continues to be a hot and mission critical market for those doing business in the country.  Recruiting qualified staff is extremely difficult.  Once hired, employee development, engagement and retention is equally difficult but an absolute necessity.
  • Overview of HR Shared Services – Part 2 of 2 – 122 pageviews
    • Improving HR efficiencies while reducing administrative burdens allows HR to focus on more business partnership and strategy relationships.  Except for the few large enterprises getting to a regional and global standardized practices is still an on-going project for most HR organizations.
SlideShare in 2012

I also keep my workshop presentations on Slideshare.  Here are the Top 5 all time most viewed presentations.

Topics for 2013?
What are HR topics you would like to see more of on this blog for 2013?  Write in your suggestions below and I’ll see what I can do…  Thanks for visiting my blog!
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Social Media Strategies for Human Resources

Just a bit of sharing today. My presentation, Social Media Strategies for Human Resources, from the recent HR Summit 2012, just surpassed 2000 views today.

I’ve written previously on use of social media for recruitment.  However, how can we use social media for other aspects of HR?


Does anyone have specific case use to share on use of social media in human resources?

  • Ice breakers / Team building
  • Employee communications
  • Virtual teams, remote offices
  • Generational workforce


Please post your ideas in the comments below.

Innovation in Talent Attraction – Hot on LinkedIn

I gave a presentation on use of social media for recruitment.  The workshop was organized by HRIQ  4th Annual Talent Management Asia Summit.  My slide deck is posted on

Slideshare and it made it to “Hot on Linkedin.” Kinda cool!


The slides are posted here.

  • Don’t be a zombie!  Get active on social media in 3 easy steps.
  • For those in HR, it’s futile to be the HR Police.  With mobile and wireless, savvy users simply login throughout their smart phones and tablets to bypass the firewall.
  • HR is also thought of as the change agent.  Thus, if old policies are no longer valid in today’s work environment, then take a proactive approach to create new policies and practices in today’s online social network environment.  

Thanks for the views.  Hope you find it useful.