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Hong Kong HR Magazine Article – Social Media for Recruitment

This is my first time writing a feature article for a magazine.  When the magazine editor first approached me I was excited but yet feeling a sense of trepidation as I have never written for a magazine before.  The only previous writing I have done is for this blog postings and am definitely not a professional writer.  I gave it a go.

The writing process took me several weeks but, it was not as difficult as I initially thought.


  • Social media recruiting is a topic I was familiar with.  I wrote several blog posts related to social media use in Human Resources and recruiting.
  • I already had some of the statistics needed.  I was able to reuse data from my previous HR seminars.
  • Doing additional research was not too difficult.  Although trying to find information for the Hong Kong market was limited.  There were more information for China and Singapore.
  • The magazine editor was very helpful in helping me with ideas, questions and edits.
Areas of Focus:
  • It was definitely the writing part… how to make the information interesting and relevant to the reader.
  • Minding the length of the article at 1500 words.  As this was a big topic to cover so writing for length was an issue.  However, keeping focus on the most salient points was important.Rewriting several drafts of the article felt a bit arduous but necessary to clarify my ideas
  • Deadlines.  I had to meet revision due dates to the editor.  I had a day job and business travels during the period.  I definitely felt the pressure to focus and meet the editor’s due date for various drafts.
Finally, here is the article on social media recruitment for the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management’s Human Resources Magazine – November 2012 edition.
Click to download the article in PDF
Social Media for Recruitment

Innovation in Talent Attraction – Hot on LinkedIn

I gave a presentation on use of social media for recruitment.  The workshop was organized by HRIQ  4th Annual Talent Management Asia Summit.  My slide deck is posted on

Slideshare and it made it to “Hot on Linkedin.” Kinda cool!


The slides are posted here.

  • Don’t be a zombie!  Get active on social media in 3 easy steps.
  • For those in HR, it’s futile to be the HR Police.  With mobile and wireless, savvy users simply login throughout their smart phones and tablets to bypass the firewall.
  • HR is also thought of as the change agent.  Thus, if old policies are no longer valid in today’s work environment, then take a proactive approach to create new policies and practices in today’s online social network environment.  

Thanks for the views.  Hope you find it useful.